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By sponsoring HUEY VODKA, the increase in your business exposure may enhance your customer base. In exchange, you will help support HUEY VODKA in creating in-house projects.  Cross-marketing opportunities may benefit your business by strengthening your roots in HUEY VODKA's community and surrounding areas. Sponsorship opportunities can be tailored to fit your marketing goals and budget.


ABOUT HUEY VODKA: Over the last 8 years, HUEY VODKA has entertained, shocked, provoked and so many other things, through humor by using lyrics, writings, and performances.  HUEY VODKA wants to continue to showcase the brand in Kansas City, the U.S., and the rest of the world.


The following opportunities will give your business recognition across all current and future HUEY VODKA platforms and will put your company’s name, logo, and link in front of soon to be thousands of viewers.

HUEY VODKA 365 day sponsorship aims to 

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OTHER OPPORTUNITIES:  Are you interested in providing support with something that is not mentioned in this proposal?  Do you have a unique idea of how you can partner your business with HUEY VODKA? Sponsorship proposals can be customized to meet your business needs.

Email get@hueyvodka.com for a 365-day HUEY VODKA sponsorship contract.

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